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Graphic resources and tutorials

Royalty Free Graphics and Image Club Clipart Search
Great Resource!

Image searching on Google
Type what you are looking for and hit the search button.
Free web graphics ... all kinds

PaintShop Pro 7 Tutorials
Beginning with Layers
Using Layers in PaintShop Pro
PaintShop Pro: Introduction to Layers

Internet Eye PaintShop Tutorials
Using the Clone Brush
LOTS of PSP tutorials
PSP User Group Tutorials

Photoshop addons/plugins/filters
The Plugin Site
Internet Eye Photoshop Tutorials
Pro Photo Edges
DeepSpaceWeb (free membership- tutorials and plugins)
Planet Photoshop

Free Photoshop plugins (got the sphere plugin here)

Lots of tutorials, as well as a new tip every day.
Here you can find tutorials and tips for all the major graphic applications.


Got questions? Search and with Google!



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