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  • Privacy and the Internet
    Protect Yourself
  • Organizing with AZZ CardFile
    Some tips and tricks to help you get the most from it
  • Tiny Treasures Proxomitron
    A privacy tweaker for tweakers
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    How much RAM?
    Keyboard Quickie
    No Back and Forward Buttons
    XP Home or Pro?
    Last modified
    Outlook Express treating you like a BABY?
    XP Shortcut list


  • Templates
    Do it Yourself Labels
  • XP Toolbar Heaven
    The perfect place for your special goodies
  • Tiny Treasures Mousotron
    Measure your Mouse Mileage
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Ditch the Double Click
    Lock the Taskbar
    See the Sounds
    Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcut
    Autohide and Fill the Screen
    Choose which Desktop Icons you want to display
    Lock the Keyboard



  • Web Pages with Word
    Get your feet wet and design a web
  • Install with Confidence
    XP System Restore to the Rescue
  • Tiny Treasures IconArt
    Art on a small scale
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Save your Favorites (internet explorer)
    Save your Favorites (netscape)
    Don't see the whole screen?
    Keyboard Goodies Shift+F3
    Office Updates
    XP Turn off Thumbs.db
    XP Group Policy Editor
    XP Change your Folder Icons
    Filling out forms
    Reading the name on the Taskbar


  • Web Pages with Netscape Composer
    A REAL web editor
  • Sending Web Files with FTP
    And a FREEWARE FTP program
  • Tiny Treasures Revelation
    Can't remember your password?
  • Old Time Radio
    Those YesterYears
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Full Screen View
    Compressing Folders
    Word Keyboard Date & Time
    Password List
    Software Registration Keys
    Set All Folder Views Alike
    Alphabetize Your Start Menu


  • Web Pages with Netscape Composer
    Part 2 ... Layout & Code
  • Personalize Your EMail Sounds
    Including a note on Incredimail
  • Gems
  • Messenger Service SPAM
    How to get rid of it
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Outlook Express won't let me open attachments
    Watch Your Taskbar
    Internet Explorer resizes images
    The Image Toolbar
    Create your own MSWord Template
    Don't like the looks of XP?
    Spell Checker doesn't work in Outlook Express
    ScanDisk is GONE in XP


  • Photo Touch Ups
    There are tools and there are TOOLS
  • EMail Privacy & Safety
    Things you can do to protect yourself
  • Tiny Treasures
    MSGTAG and SolidCapture
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Animated pictures don't move any more in Internet Explorer?
    Faster web page loading
    Forwarding Virus Alerts
    Sticky Notes


  • PaintShop Pro 8 Tricks
    Background Eraser and Picture Tubes
  • File Manager Pfun
    How to find your files using Search
  • Tiny Treasures
    Registry Compactor
  • System WorkShop
    Tweak your Windows System
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Turn off the Report to Microsoft
    Stop the Presses! Emergency Printer stop
    Right click often
    Email warning
    Adding a favorite to IE
    Caps Lock Key
    Keep it clean


  • Netscape 7
    It's Baaaack and it's GREAT
  • Curving Text in PaintShop Pro 8
    Curve text around a shape or freehand line.
  • Tiny Treasures
    ABF Outlook Express Backup
  • Gems
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Hotmail too full?
    Window off the Edge
    Open With
    Shorten the Information Bubbles
    Disable Automatic Updates
    More on Windows Updates
    Dragging and Dropping XP Style



  • Windows Media Player and your CD Burner
    What a combination!
  • You Gotta Have Tools!
    When you want to do more with your audio files
  • Genie Backup Manager
    Backup your STUFF
  • PocoMail
    Instead of Outlook Express
  • Tiny Treasures
    SmartClock and JV16 PowerTools
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Rename with F2
    Do your Research
    Find the answers to computer problems with the Internet
    Keep your Address Bar Handy
    Undo a Boo Boo?
    Turn off image resizing in IE 6
    Instant Shutdown


  • Snazz Up Your EMail
    A quick primer
  • Want More Music?
    Record Your Own!
  • Between Us
    Something NEW has been added!
  • Gem - ThumbsPlus
    Organize and View Images
  • Tiny Treasures Toolbar
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Restart Windows without Restarting
    Restart in Safe Mode
    Restore CD
    On the Road? Check your EMail
    The Print Button
    Change the Default Printer


  • Using Plugins
    A beginning
  • Holiday Computing
    To get you in the mood
  • Road Warrior
    Mrs. Wizard actually went somewhere!
  • Tiny Treasures
    Absolute MP3 Recorder
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Select All Items
    No Floppy Drive?
    Stop the Page
    Instant System Properties
    Disappearing Act
    Mouse Skills
    XP Built In Zipper
    Status Bar
    Right Click and Send To


  • More on Plugins
    A few of my favorites
    Download the PSP Image file (right click and choose Save Target) Save it on your Desktop.  It is a hefty download (over 4Mb) but worth the wait.
  • ClipArt Tips
    Basic and not so Basic
  • Gems
    CompuPic Pro
    Avant Browser
  • Tiny Treasures
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Start Up Faster
    What's the hole for?
    PrintScreen Key
    Housebreak your mouse
    Send to Wherever
    Find Missing Toolbars
    Arrange and Lock Toolbars

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