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  • EMail Tricks
    No more forwarding
  • Tweaking Your Connection
    For those of you with the Need for Speed!
  • Tiny Treasures
    Vision GS webcam software
  • Gems
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Disk Cleanup
    Fax with your computer
    Notepad hidden trick
    Shift Key Goodies
    Save your Registration info
    Use your Wheel
    Ultimate Compatibility
    Scanner Tip
  • XP ... At First Glance
    Old Mrs. Wizard finally installed it!
  • Customizing Pointers
    Personalize your Computer
  • Tiny Treasures
    PINs for your sensitive information
  • Gems
    FREE Virus Protection
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Another reason to have file extension viewing enabled
    Using Character Map
    Display Full Path in the Title Bar
  • XP Firewall
    Why you still need ZoneAlarm
  • Internet Tutorials
    Surf & Learn
  • Tiny Treasures
    The Font Thing
  • Gems
    VisualZone Report Utility
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Cancel that Drag
    Find and Replace
    Select Multiple Files
    A Selective Selection
    The Lasso Method
    Different ways to start Internet Explore
  • XP and your CD Recorder
    How to use it
  • Microsoft Shortcut Bar Revisited
    It's getting better all the time
  • Tiny Treasures
  • Personalizing XP
    change your wallpaper or that cute little sign in picture
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Folder Tip
    Instant Toolbar
    Locking the Internet Explorer 6 Toolbar
    Make your buttons bigger
    Double clicking
    AOL crappy web graphics?
    How big is YOUR hard drive
  • XP and your CD Recorder II
    Dragging and dropping, erasing CDs
  • Make it Personal
    Sound Effects and Events
  • Tiny Treasures
    IE Booster
  • Managing Your Bookmarks
    Quick and easy backup for Netscape and Internet Explorer favorites and bookmarks
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Keep it clean
    View Details
    Recycle Bin
    Need more Copy and Paste control?
    Customize your Pointers
    Customize your clicking
    Uninstall it
  • XP and your CD Recorder III
    Make your own music CD
  • E-Mail Cleanup
  • Tiny Treasures
    POW a handy dandy PopUp Stopper
  • Synchromagic
    The perfect backup tool
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Remove the New Program Installed Bubble
    Loud Modem
    Watch what you download
    Uninstall it
    Right click on everything
    F1 is for help
    What day is it?
    Missing something?
    What is the difference between XP Home Edition and XP Professional
  • Acrobat Reader Tricks
    Learn hot to really use it.
  • Downloading 101
    Step by step
  • Tiny Treasures
    CookieWall - Protect your privacy online by controlling which cookies are allow to stay and which ones are to go.
  • Cleaning Up
    Disk CleanUp Utility
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Lock the Taskbar
    Moving or Copying?
    Loud Modem
    Window off the Edge?
    Send To
    Start Menu Magic
    Expand the Taskbar
    Auto Hide
  • File Manager Pfun?
    Use the My Documents folder to practice your file management skills
  • Easy Zipping
    How to use WinZip quickly and easily
  • Tiny Treasures
    MaxMEM - A little something that can frisk up your computer
  • MailWasher
    Wash that SPAM right outta yer mail!
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Hide Desktop Icons (XP)
    Removing Clipboard Clutter
    Make it easier with the Address Bar
    Control Key for Copying
  • Instant Messaging
    It's been around for a while. Learn to use it efficiently.
  • Editing Graphics with PaintShop Pro
    Special effects and Resizing
  • Tiny Treasures
    IrfanView - Something new added to an old friend.
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Easy way to change a file association
    F1 for Help
    Lock that Taskbar
    Right Click and Go Back
    Cootie Catcher Update
  • PaintShop Pro ... Using Layers
    When you know why they are so useful, you will want to use them all the time!
  • How to Navigate the Web
    A Rookie's Guide
  • Tiny Treasures
    Date Calculator- A really nifty tool!
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Block Sender
    Two Anti Virus Programs?
    Rude Shutdown
    Time and Date
    Display today's date
    Find a file pointed to by a shortcut
    Computer locking up a lot?
    Windows Updates for XP
    Installing several new programs at once
    New programs are always guilty
    Keep a notepad handy and use it
    Avoid wavy columns
  • PaintShop Pro ... Masks
    It's like using a digital stencil
  • Installing & Uninstalling Software
    Updated for XP
  • Tiny Treasures
    EggTimer Plus
  • Mrs. Wizard QuickTips
    Viewers for Excel, Word and PowerPoint
    System Information
    Quick Launch Toolbar
    Put it Back
    Allowing Cookies (custom settings)
  • PaintShop Pro ... Masks II
    Using Clipart for Masks
    Making your own
  • E-Mail Etiquette
    Put your best face forward
  • Tiny Treasures - X-Fonter
    Organize and View Your Fonts
  • Mrs. Wizard Quick Tips
    Print Web Page Backgrounds
    Cookie Adjustment
    The quickest way to scroll
    Vertical Highlighting
    Eliminate AOL's Instant Messenger at

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