November 2005


Boy! Have I got goodies for you this month!

Not one, but THREE new gems!

X-Fonter - used to be a gem but it has grown (file size) and the newest version makes those extra bytes more than worth while.

MailWasher FREE - yep, you are reading it right. Mailwasher brought back their FREE version and it is fine! If you don't need it to handle multiple email addresses and want a great down and dirty way to screen your email right on the server, this little gem is for you. If you have been putting off this extra protection because of the cost, MailWasher FREE will provide some serious basic protection for you with the ability to view your email headers on the server and delete any spam or other suspicious or obnoxious email BEFORE it ever makes it to your inbox. I have to say though, you will be spoiled and may even want to give the PRO version a whirl. Whatever you decide, the FREE MailWasher will not expire and you won't be plagued by advertising or spyware. It is just good software.

How To Fix Your Computer --- Videos

UPDATED CD ESSENTIALS ... It is taking me a bit longer than I thought to finish this new CD. I have finished going through all the Tiny Treasures and have updated the website to reflect new links to websites and for the CD have download ALL the latest versions (so you won't have to). I'm working on the Gems area now with the same thing in mind. The latest versions of every Gem will be on the CD with links to the websites so as your CD gets older you can visit the appropriate site to download the latest version. I have also removed a few (not many) Tiny Treasures so far because they have changed or have grown. One (XFonter) has been moved to the Gems area because it is still great, just larger.  This is going to be a great CD if I can ever get it finished!

Members (of course) have access to several years of QuickTips in the member area, not to mention several other goodies and more to be added as time goes by. It costs $20 to join and you will receive a user id and password to enter the special area. I also send the latest CD Essentials as a special Thank You gift to people who care enough to join. The new CD Essentials will be ready to mail in about two more weeks. It will contain LOTS of graphics you can use for wallpaper, ALL the Tiny Treasures and Gems installation programs so all you will need to do is click and install... As your CD gets older, there will be links to the websites where you can make sure you have the latest version. The new CD is organized completely differently. New members who joined recently and received the older version will receive the new one in addition to the one you have already received as soon as it is ready. 

QuickTips ...

Read Receipts ...

A Read Receipt is an email notification that tells the sender you have opened the message he or she sent you.  If you see a read receipt message you can either click Yes (they will receive proof of delivery) or No (they won't receive proof of delivery).  They can be a real pain at times.  You can make your email program turn them all down and you'll never see that message again.  In Outlook Express and Incredimail, click the Tools button at the top of the main message area, then Options.  Under the Receipts tab, choose Never send a receipt.  And that's that!

You can also speak with the sender if every email they send asks for a read receipt.  They may not realize every email they send is being tagged with a read receipt request.  They can turn it off on their end too by clicking the word Tools, then Options. then UNCHECKING where it says Request a Read Receipt for all sent messages.  Whew!

Move a Window with your Keyboard ...

Sometimes they just get away from you. You move a window and somehow lose the Title Bar and can't seem to get your mouse pointer where you can move it. If you can remember ALT+Spacebar, then the letter M, you can reposition that puppy with your arrow keys (or just move the mouse pointer at that point) and make it behave.

If you can't remember the keyboard command, you can try right clicking the Taskbar button for that program (at the bottom of your main screen) and choosing Maximize or Restore. I have found that sometimes will kick it into submission too.

Warmest Regards,
Cindy O'Neal (aka Mrs. Wizard)
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